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Depot Facilities

Area Total 23,320 Sqms
Location Located at Amata City Rayong, the distance 39 Kms from LCH Port
Storage Capacity Able to store 1,000 TEUS
Security Depot facility is fully fenced with external lights and 24 hrs surveillance 37 point of CCTV system and security guard
Manpower Total 45 persons (includes office and plus operations)
Cleaning Bays 10 Chemical bays / 6 Food Grade Bays
Lifting/Handling Equipment 2 Kalma Machines and one 1 ton forklift for stacking of IBC
Repair Capabilities In-service repair (minor & major), Off hire repair,
Interior polishing/grinding/infill & re-weld,
Structural repair, Modification, Refurbishment,
Steam Heating 12 points, outside attendant, cargo transfer
Appointed Testing Inspecting Authorities DNV, BV for periodical testing certification - 5 yrs Hydro test or 2.5yrs Air test.
Appointed Cleanliness Inspecting Authorities TSI, ICSB, BV, Best Service
Cleaning & Treatment System Fully automated cleaning & chemical treatment system with touch-screen PLC for proper cleaning water residue disposal.
Operation Standard ITCO ACC standard (on progress)
Kosher & Halal Certification (on progress)
Tank Activity Report / EIR/Repair Estimate is generated by in-house system.
Safety Measures Safety warnings throughout depot, Fire Hydrant system available, 4 points of Gas Detector
All insurances are in place and safety officer available.